Can the Government seize my assets?

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Both Federal laws and laws in the State of Indiana allow law enforcement officials to seize assets under very specific circumstances. However, you are entitled to due process and if the assets or money were seized improperly, you may be entitled to receive your property back. Lawsuits are complicated legal matters. David M. Seiter, Attorney at Law will simplify the process for you. When you bring your case to him, he'll break it down for you and explain your next best steps.

Attorney Seiter has been practicing law in Central Indiana for more than two decades. He has represented the government and citizens in civil forfeiture matters and has presented classes to his peers on "Civil Forfeiture for Criminal Defense Attorneys". He knows which cases stand a fair chance in court. Trust him to advise you on the best course of action.

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Worth Fighting

If your property has already been seized, there are strict deadlines that must be adhered to or the government will receive a default judgement against you and your property is lost. However, even claims that are difficult to win have some value. The government will often give back a portion of property seized in order to settle a case. No matter how messy your situation may seem, count on attorney Seiter to clean it up for you. Call 317-564-0016 today to schedule a free civil forfeiture law consultation in Carmel & Indianapolis, IN.