A Drug Crime Could Land You Behind Bars

Depend on a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in Carmel, IN

Possession of an illegal drug or drug paraphernalia is seen as a serious crime in Carmel, IN. If you're fighting possession charges, you need to prepare a sound criminal defense. David M. Seiter, Attorney at Law can help you. Our criminal defense attorney has taken on countless drug-related cases since he began practicing in 1998. He has the experience needed to guide you and the passion to fight for your rights.
When you need a criminal defense attorney in Carmel, IN, hire Attorney Seiter.

Prepare your criminal defense

Prepare your criminal defense

What type of drug were you accused of possessing? How much were you said to have had? These factors can dramatically change the outcome of your case. You need to build your criminal defense based on facts and a knowledge of the law. Attorney Seiter can guide you through the process by compiling information and informing you about Indiana law.

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